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Who are these guys, anyway?

Alex Nosse

Big Boss Man

Alex is the big boss man at Joy Machines, having founded the shop in 2011 with childhood friend Renato Pereira-Castillo (who left for greener pastures in 2014). Alex is a proud lifelong resident of the Near West Side of Cleveland, and makes his home near the shop along with his girlfriend and 3 small canine children. He firmly believes in maintaining a car-free lifestyle and has done so for the last 10-plus years. If he's not at the shop, he's likely off somewhere biking or walking in nature.

Josh Goran

Official 650B Conversion Technician

Josh grew up in rural Penfield Township, which is within NE Ohio, even though you probably haven't heard of it (it's nice, though!). Like many folks who grow up in rural areas, he had a bike as a kid, but once he got his driver's license, he pretty much forgot about 'em, at least until his idealism brought him back around while in college. One thing led to another, and he ended up co-founding a grassroots bicycle education organization, taking a bicycle framebuilding class, and working in a bike shop in Kent, Ohio. He eventually moved to Cleveland a few years back and ended up at Joy Machines after a couple other bicycle-related positions in the area, including with our friends at the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op. Outside of his 40-ish hours per week at the shop, he spends his time riding bikes with tires that are slightly wider than you probably think they need to be, fixing up his Detroit-Shoreway home (which is a lot more work than fixing up bikes), and sleeping in a hammock or tent, in order of preference, as often as he can manage.


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