Joy Machines Steeple Chase 2023

by - 31 Aug. 2023


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Join us for the Joy Machines Steeplechase in Cleveland, OH.
September 29th - October 1st.


1: Visit as many "Cleveland" signs as possible.

2: Show us your favorite cutty (off-the-beaten-path) spot.

3: Show us your favorite waterfront spot (think beyond Edgewater if you dare!)

4: Visit one of our awesome team sponsors (Mason's Creamery, Happy Dog, Leavened).

5: Visit Sheligas and purchase something unique #gotitatsheligas

6: Make a handmade postcard and mail it to JMBS (2605 Detroit Ave; Cleve, OH 44113), and be sure to take a photo of it.

7: Fill a bag with collected litter from around the city.

8: Take a photo of an invasive plant being removed; OR a photo of a native plant in the wild.

9: Give a gift to a stranger (from Sheliga's ????).

10: Pet a cute dog.

Do at least 6 of the 10 challenges to receive your SICK FREE PRIZE ... most CREATIVE posts will receive more baller-er prizes!!!


Whats a Steeplechase?
It's a fun way to explore your city on a bicycle with some of your homies! Complete various challenges around the city any time over the weekend of Sept 29 - Oct 1. All challenges must be completed within Cleveland, OH. (Think along the lines of a scavenger hunt!)

How to Participate:
1. Grab your bike, grab some friends, and ride through the streets of Cleveland.
2. On the first day of the event we will post the list of challenges.
3. You have the entire weekend of Friday September 29th – Sunday October 1st to complete these challenges and make an Instagram carousel (multiple picture swipy post) documenting all your challenges being completed.
4. Use the hashtag #JoyMachinesSteeplechase and tag @joymachines.
5. Have fun! This isn’t meant to be competitive and we really encourage everyone to go out enjoy riding in the city and all that it has to offer.



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